Anas clypeata | northern shoveler | koloa moha

Regular Migrant

The koloa moha commonly migrates between Hawaiʻi and North America where it is known as the Northern shoveler due to its distinctively long, thick bill. Males have green heads with yellow eyes and black bills, while females have orange bills and a mottled brown body. Look for their hidden blue wing patches in both sexes when in flight.

Hotspots for northern shoveler

Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historic Park

Coastal Wetland

HikingBathroomInterpretive SignageParkingPicnic areaRanger StationTrash

Wailoa River State Park

Coastal Wetland

HikingLookoutParkingPicnic areaTrash

Loko Waka Pond

Coastal Wetland

LookoutBathroomParkingPicnic areaTrash
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