Columba livia | rock pigeon


Other Names: rock pigeon, blue rock dove

A common city pigeon, rock pigeons originate from Europe and northern Africa. An adept cosmopolitan coloniser, this species may have been introduced to Hawaiʻi as early as 1788. Usually seen in urban areas, but also along rocky cliffs. They have a shiny green neck and grey body with black wing stripes. In urban areas, they can be almost completely white.

Hotspots for rock pigeon

Keāhole Point

Open Ocean


Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historic Park

Coastal Wetland

HikingBathroomInterpretive SignageParkingPicnic areaRanger StationTrash

Waiki‘i (off Old Saddle Road)

Pasture and grasslands


Palila Forest Discovery Trail

Dry forest

HikingInterpretive SignageParking

Wailoa River State Park

Coastal Wetland

HikingLookoutParkingPicnic areaTrash
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