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Nuʻupia Ponds

Posted on Apr 3, 2024 in

ʻAiea Loop Trail

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

A moderate challenge, this 4.8 mile forested loop hike begins and ends in the Keaīwa Heiau State Recreation Area. The ʻAiea ridgeline offers some of Oʻahu’s best opportunities for spotting native forest birds such as the Oʻahu ʻamakihi, Oʻahu ʻelepaio, and ʻapapane as well as some exciting introduced species, including the endangered Mariana swiftlet and ...
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Betty Bliss Memorial Overlook

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

Named in memory of McKinley High School teacher and environmental activist Betty Bliss, this special viewing point provides a look into the Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge- an area dedicated to the protection and management of endangered waterbirds and endangered plants. Accessible year-round by walking or biking along the Leeward Bikeway (also known as the ...
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Kapiʻolani Park

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

This urban park provides an easily accessible opportunity to view Honolulu’s many indigenous and introduced birds. This is a popular spot to see Manu-o-Kū (white tern) and rose-ringed parakeets.

Wiliwilinui Access Road and Ridge Trail

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

The trail begins as a paved road, eventually turning into a dirt track and transitioning from guava to native koa-ʻuluhe forest. This hike offers opportunity to see or hear several native forest birds. A challenging trek, this ridge trail features 1,600-ft. elevation gain and may often be muddy and slippery.

Paikō Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

This protected lagoon provides habitat for a variety of native and endangered waterbirds. The adjacent Kuliʻouʻou Beach Park is a family-friendly viewing point for the lagoon. The calm waters of the lagoon offer a peaceful backdrop for birds and parkgoers alike.

Makapuʻu Point Lighthouse Trail

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

This scenic, paved hike presents breathtaking views of expansive coastline, including Koko Head and Koko Crater, as well as views of the iconic red-roofed Makapuʻu lighthouse. Be sure to bring your binoculars to spot passing seabirds and humpback whales (humpback whale season runs from November through May).

Kawainui Marsh

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

Encompassing 830 acres of land, Kawainui Marsh is the largest remaining wetland in Hawaiʻi today. Once an important place for fishing, kalo farming, and cultural practice, Kawainui Marsh is now being restored to create suitable waterbird habitat for endangered aeʻo (Hawaiian stilt), ʻalae ʻula (Hawaiian gallinule), and ʻalae keʻokeʻo (Hawaiian coot).

Lāʻie Point State Wayside Park

Posted on Apr 1, 2024 in

This picturesque point features scenic views of an offshore sea arch, offshore seabird sanctuary, and coastline. The point’s proximity to the seabird sanctuary offers a convenient opportunity for viewing passing seabirds, especially ʻuaʻu kani (wedge-tailed shearwater), ʻā (red-footed and masked boobies), and the occasional noio koha (brown noddy).

Lānaʻi Lookout

Posted on Jan 8, 2024 in

Easily accessed just off Kalanianaʻole Highway (HI-72), this scenic lookout is a popular spot for viewing seabirds and for watching whales (whale watching season is from November through May). In addition to bird and wildlife, on a clear day, this vantage point can offer views of Lānaʻi, Molokaʻi, and Maui.

James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge

Posted on Dec 8, 2023 in

A guided tour through the refuge is led by experienced birders who serve as volunteers with the Friends of Oʻahu Refuges group. During the two hour walking tour, participants learn about endangered water birds, migratory shorebirds, and waterfowl, as well as the history and conservation efforts of the Refuge.

Waimea Valley

Posted on Dec 8, 2023 in

Waimea Valley features botanical gardens, important cultural sites, a waterfall, and more. Managed by non-profit organization, Hiʻipaka LLC, Waimea Valley is accessible to the public with the purchase of admission. The valley is home to around 15 of the endangered ʻalae ʻula.

Kaʻena Point Trail

Posted on Dec 8, 2023 in

A hike along this coastal trail will bring you to Kaʻena Point Natural Area Reserve, one of the last coastal sand dune habitats on the island and an important nesting site for the mōlī (Laysan albatross) and ʻuaʻu kani (wedge-tailed shearwater). Along the route, you will find beaches and occasional tidepools. This trail also presents ...
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