Chasiempis sandwichensis | Hawaii elepaio | ʻelepaio


Other Names: elepaio

The curious ʻelepaio is a lively bird of the Hawaiian forest. At only 5-inches long, they flit through the forest trees catching insects. A rusty brown body with streaks of chestnut, dark brown, and white, they are distinct when they sit with their tail upright. Listen for their dog-toy-like squeak, “el-e-PAI-o.” Hawaiian canoe makers revered ʻelepaio and followed their movements closely. A tree frequently visited by an ʻelepaio suggested the wood may have an insect infestation.

The map below shows birding trails where you might see this bird. Learn more by visiting our species profile page for Hawaiʻi ʻelepaio.

Native Birds of Hawaiʻi