Chlorodrepanis flavus | O’ahu ‘Amakihi | ʻamakihi


Other Names: Oahu amakihi

The O‘ahu ‘amakihi is a small, generalist Hawaiian honeycreeper endemic to the island of O‘ahu. Until 1995, the O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, and Kaua‘i ‘amakihi, were considered a single species: the common ‘amakihi. Plumage of all species is similar; males are yellow-green to olive. Females are similar, but duller, and unlike the other species, female O‘ahu ‘amakihi have two dull wing bars. O‘ahu ‘amakihi are generalized foragers that take arthropods from a variety of trees and substrates. The species often gleans arthropods from leaves and twigs. It also feeds on nectar and fruit from a variety of native and non-native plants and has been observed eating sap from koa trees.